Alexey Ulanov

Managing Director

Alexey is a keen team player. He believes in communication, personal responsibility and structured approach towards business and life, and his experience proves that any goals are achieved easier and more efficiently by happy team and people 'from one sandbox'.

His aim is not only to grow his partners businesses, but to bring changes for the better to people’s lives through this. For example, one of his main prides is making running popular and fun in Russia, which was achieved as a result of strong partnership between TBWA\Moscow and adidas. To help people be healthier and happier is a part of Alexey’s love for his Motherland.

Being a family man, he teaches his two little sons the values of friendship and devotion to family and nation. He also loves cooking, making music and organizing learning games for kids.

Alexey never stops growing personally and professionally and always finds benefits in whatever he does. It helps him love and enjoy his work and life.

Majored in Russian history in Moscow State University and studied Finance later.