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Igor Charkin

Managing Director

Igor with a wide range of skills and experience required for his position, with specialties including: creating and growing business from scratch, effective crisis management and project management.

As the head of DAN Moscow Igor builds and leads business processes, looks for new talented employees and helps them develop and oversees the business from both a quality and a financial perspective. In addition, Igor is not afraid of a large amount of work and likes to participate in tenders. He says it reminds him of lightsaber fights. Igor came to the advertisement in 2008, where he began his career as a trainee-copywriter, and afterward participated in digital-advertising courses development. In 2012, he opened his own agency in conjunction with creative director Kirill Blinov. This agency eventually became Digital Arts Network Moscow.

Igor was born and raised in Moscow and actively studied the German language in school and in University, finally receiving a philological education.