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Sergey Koptsiovsky

Strategic Planning Director

Sergey believes in the power of communication to change people’s lives as well as the whole word to the better state. His aim is to help brands fit / assist / change / disrupt people's behaviour.

His solid background in planning proves that everything is possible when you have a good purpose. Sergey is a digital native talent that feels flexible in both standard channels and new digital ecosystem. Versatile experience and strategic thinking are the top things that come to mind, talking about him.

He read his first book about marketing at the age of 11. He perfectly handles complicated stats, knows a lot or can find almost anything, has solid backpack travelling experience across Asia, runs more that 1000 km per year, plans to complete Ironman 70.3.

He is raising a beautiful daughter and keeps his love to music and finding new experiences.

Marketing @ Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI)