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Like a Bosch
In 2021, Bosch changed its communication platform to Like A Bosch. TBWA\Moscow agеncy was tasked with adapting a bold new creative frame.

We have localized this frame to make it relevant to local cultural context. Based on the famous phrase «Я здесь босс» (translates as "I'm the boss here"), we created an entirely new line — «Ты здесь Bosch» (translates as "You're the Bosch here").

TBWA\Moscow also produced a 30-seconds OLV about a typical Russian family and updated the TOV and visual assets. This helped adapt the old "cold" communication vibe to a new one that was fun and easy.

The new OLV reached 18 mln viewers. Orders was increased to 49% and profit to 59% over the last year.

Thus, the entire market understood "who is the Bosch here".