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Nissan N-Design
Nissan Qashqai and Nissan X-Trail are popular models in Russia. But the trend is that the average age of the audience of these cars is 47 years.

Specially to catch younger buyers’ interest, Nissan released a special N-Design version. Its main difference from the standard configurations is the exterior features – black headlight design, black roof rails, wheels, mirror caps and a dark V-Motion signature grille. These changes allowed to look at familiar models in a new way.

To update models’ perception there was a need for а new way of advertising different from the viewer used to see.

Strategically and creatively, TBWA\Moscow agency made a bet on the aesthetic component of communication. Thus, advertising had to not only demonstrate product characteristics, but also excite.

Instead of a standard family at the wheel, there are mysterious and romantic characters.
Instead of everyday situations, there are intrigue and vivid emotions.
Instead of the usual locations, there are allusions to anime, video games and noir films.

We broke the car advertising cliché – and the result exceeded expectations. In addition to the main goal achieved (to ensure sales of cars of the N-Design version and increase the share of the young audience), the campaign has changed the brand perception and made a positive impact on sales of standard Nissan configurations.