adidas. Awaken your sleeping district.
Muscovites mostly live in suburbs — in so called “sleeping districts.” But every day, they rush to the city center for business, entertainment and even sport. They believe that nothing interesting can happen in the outskirts.

We decided to change that perception via running. Adidas believes that sport has the power to change people’s lives for the better. So we created the biggest offline game called “Awaken your sleeping district.”

We divided Moscow into 24 Running zones, appointed an ambassador runner to the each area and launched the competition for the title of the most active and athletic district. A hi-tech and entertaining scoring system determined the winning district. A fully equipped running center “adidas runbase” was the prize for the most active district.

The activation had a huge impact on the lives of Muscovites. Media and celebrities got involved into the campaign. The 24 district runner’s communities still run together — they woke up and cannot be stopped now!


2016 Effie Russia — Bronze