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ArArAt. To eternal values!
Ararat raises new toasts to eternal values.
Ararat — the legendary Armenian brandy, keeping its history since 1887.

Brand communication is traditionally focused on human values and emotions. The new advertising campaign by Ararat was no exception and included TV commercials, prints and POS.

The idea is based on the ancient Caucasian tradition of dinner toasts. Today, when we have less time for each other, Ararat offers to return to sincere human communication, as people around the world raise their glasses to share important feelings and emotions. When glasses clink, people’s hearts meet. At this exact moment the Ararat toast is raised.

The focus on human values (generosity, sincerity, craftsmanship), which is a part of Ararat brand’s DNA, defined the aesthetics of the campaign layouts.
Intersections of bottles and glasses are drawn in laconic style to highlight the product and the toast. The text in 9 languages was hand-drawn, each letter carefully filled with brandy.

It was not only us who liked sharing emotions through a toast.

Other countries picked up the initiative and now ArArAt toasts are raised in 10 languages.