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Fresh approach on timeless values
For 135 years, ARARAT brandy has been a true symbol of Armenia and one of the most important brands in the portfolio of Pernod Ricard Rouss. In 2020, ARARAT has completely updated the design of bottles and labels for its young, premium and super premium brandies. A big step for such a classic category!

Changes in design required changes in communication, so that young people would become interested, new countries would be discovered, and devoted fans of ARARAT would recognize and accept their favorite cognac in a new look.

The TBWA\Moscow team accepted this challenge. We have found a new tone and a new visual language to tell about the modern form of the legendary taste of ARARAT. Color codes that are atypical for the category, up-to-date sound, modern graphics – you have never seen ARARAT like this before.

The developed materials formed the basis of a large-scale advertising campaign that took place in 18 countries — from Armenia to America, from France to China.

Television, airports, events, design of points of sale on off-trade and on-trade sites, social networks – the maximum legal possibilities of each country were used to tell the world about the modern image of the legendary ARARAT brandy.