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Datsun Street athletics — The only way is up!
Datsun inspires those in Russian regions, who lack resources and have accomplished most of what they can achieve. To demonstrate that you don't need much to rise, we chose a territory which has never been leveraged by any car brand yet, culturally trending — Street Workout.

• First, we inspired them with a manifesto video (generating over 2 mln organic views).
• Then we traveled to key cities to grow the street workout culture with master classes and competitions (attracting thousands of visitors and generating hundreds of test-drives).
• Together with Russian Workout Federation we created a national, wide viral challenge, where each city competed to win a modern Street Workout Space for their region.

This is how Datsun woke up Russia’s hunger for achievement and empowered them to rise.


2019 CLIO Sports — Silver \ Social Media

2019 CLIO Sports — Bronze \ Integrated Campaign

2019 Silver Mercury — Gold \ Best sport-marketing/cyber sport marketing campaign

2019 Silver Mercury — Short list \ Best integrated marketing campaign