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Launch of a new brand of flexible offices in Russia
Building a brand from scratch is not easy, but always incredibly exciting. This is exactly the case with flexible offices brand Flexity for the Turkish great company ENKA Group. Flexible offices is a new category in real estate that is rapidly gaining momentum around the world, despite the ever-changing environment.

The creation of the Flexity brand is one of the first cases in the world, for which our updated strategic approach Disruption® X was used. This project has become a vivid example of joint work of TBWA Collective Team.

We have developed a brand strategy, a name, a logo, a visual identity and a number of promotional materials. The emphasis in brand positioning is made on changing the paradigm of perception of the office as an expense item.
Flexity creates conditions for unlocking potential growth for its clients' business through the flexibility to implement individual solutions and administer all office-related concerns.

The result is a modern, laconic, but memorable brand that has already started its confident movement on the Russian market.